23. Juni 2015

Unglaublich II

Das Closing ist auch noch so ein wunderschönes RP gewesen, was viele leider verpasst haben. Es waren nicht viele Spieler da, aber es war ein toller Moment der unter die Haut ging. Hier hab ich das Event nochmal für euch. Wie immer gilt, nur anschauen, nicht nutzen.

Warum ich immer wieder das erwähne in letzter Zeit? Naja, oft genug hört man, dass OOC Infos genutzt werden IC. Dieser Blog ist wirklich rein OOC und sollte jemand mal mitbekommen, dass die Zeremonien oder Informationen die hier gebloggt werden, IC genutzt werden, so möchte er mich doch bitte anschreiben.

LG eure Lili


Eiríkr entered into the center, "Hagl, to you Jarls of Torvaldsland.  I, Eiríkr of Ironhall, Commander of Jarl Bæne's forces, and Apprenticed Rune Priest, have the honor of rendering before you our Closing Sumbel. Where our words and voices will sing the utterance of praise to the Gods, and to our Ancestors.  Giving thanks openly, and respectfully.  I will begin with the sanctification of the horn, and give the opening.  I will then hand it amongst you, so that we may all share.  Please raise your hand, so that I may know who has words to speak."

Eiríkr: "Hail to you Daughters and Sons of the Axe." He'd say then as he'd lift an overtly sized horn he'd brought in with him, it full and almost over flowing, brings it before them, in the center to give them closure, he raised up to shoulder hieght.  "Thunder Father! Son of Odin! Son of Fjorgyn! Beloved husband of Sif! Father of Modhi, Magni, and Thrudr! Protector and friend of Midgard’s children, we call you! Honor and bless us with your presence! Hallow and sanctify the contents of this horn! Instill your strength, courage, and tenacity into this ale, so that all who drink from this horn are blessed!"

Eiríkr place the hand free over the Horn, to bring prayer to Þorr's sanctificiation.  He then turned about, looking to whom might raise their hand first, "Who would like to speak for, give hail to the Gods and to their acts in this Thing." He said, looking about, the firelight shown off upon his eyes, and face, "Who would like to take grasp of the Horn, and add their words?"

Wyn raises hand

Eiríkr turning about, he'd seen the Crone, raise hand.  He stepped, holding the horn with two hands, he leaned towards, and gave her horn to sumbel.

Wyn: "Please pardon me as I am both a little IC and a little OOC. I am utterly overwhelmed by not only the attendance, we reached almost 60,000 traffic for yesterday, the amazing support to RFL, we raised almost 100K, and more then that the amazing unity of culture and community. When they say to me, “The North is Divided”, I will say, “Then it is you who are divided from us, for we are one!”. In my six years in Gor I have never seen such a peaceful, joyous and civil gathering of hundreds of people. In my many more years in other communities, this still tops it. I could not be prouder of you all then I am right now. Thank you for everything, I am simply moved to tears. Hail Torvaldsland! *hands the horn back to Eirikr*

Eiríkr took the Horn from her, "Hagl Þorvaldlanðid!" He called out as well, He would walk around, with a joyous smile and gentle expression, offer any to take the next turn.

Eolhsand Frey "Calls out, "Hail Torvaldsland!" then raises hand

Eiríkr turned to Eol, and held the horn to her with twice hands, and bent towards her, "Speak your hails." He offered

Eolhsand Frey tears come to her eyes, as she remembers the many people she knew, both real life and SL, both Gor and non-Gor, who had succumbed to cancer over the years, most recent of whom for her was Soliel Snook, she raises the horn, "Hail the departed, you are not forgotten, may Odin watch over you" she drinks, "You will be remembered" then hands back the horn

Eiríkr then having almost burnt his ass, he felt the warmth, certainly the heat of Torvaldsland, He'd nodded to her gentle of expression and he moved after taking the horn back, went to Ha, and held the horn to him, bent slightly towards him.

Baene Thorrstad af Odinnskeld nods firmly to Eols words, "Hail the departed!"

Wyn: "Hail the Ancestors!"

Ha Stuer took the horn  bellowed out to the fours winds " You that put this fair together hae honored the Torvald with it and hae me heart felt gratitude to that end and " he scanned around to the good people of whom their where many "The folk kin alike that made it what it was a success as I wid hae  Odins blessing on ye awe and hope we hae health and goodwill fer another that we awe gather again at " he took the  horn raising it to all and a cheering smile nodding to the kin gather " Never divided ........ AWE HAIL THE NORTH AND FER WHEN WE MEET OOR KIN AGAIN 

Wyn: "Hail the North! Hail our Kin!"

Sava Renfold: "Hail to the North!"

Baene Thorrstad af Odinnskeld nods with a wide smile to Ha's words, "Hail the North and all the Folk!"

Baene Thorrstad af Odinnskeld raises his own hand

Eolhsand Frey "Hail the North!"

Eydis Ylva SRM af Odinnskeld shouts, "Hail Torvaldsland!" before she'd raise her hand and wait her turn.

Eiríkr nodded with Ha in agreement, "Hagl Norður!" He shouted with agreement, then took the horn and moved to Bæne, he held it to him, twice handed and leaned to him.

Baene Thorrstad af Odinnskeld nods to Eirikr, taking the horn and holds it up shoulder height, "We have seen and experienced much these past days, and I say that it has been good", he then looks up to the sky, "Odin! Al-father! You as well have seen what has transpired here in your lofty throne! You have seen the joy and fervor of your people! You have seen men come together as one with common cause! You have seen your people work together for the enjoyment and betterment of all! I ask your blessings on all that has transpired here! Hail Odin!", he then brings the horn to his lips and drinks deeply before nodding back to Eirikr and handing the horn back to him

Wyn: "Hail Odin!"

Eolhsand Frey "Hail ODIN!"

Eydis Ylva SRM af Odinnskeld shouts: "Hail Odin!"

Eiríkr took the horn, and nodding in the agreement, he stepped then to Eydis, held the horn large and half full now towards her, bent slightly towards. "Hagl Óðinn." He said

Eydis Ylva SRM af Odinnskeld stepped forward, taking horn into hands before she'd speak.  The usually soft spoken Eydis would make sure to have her voice carry as far across the land as possible as she spoke.  "When a young child, my father spoke of such Things.  Never in all my nineteen years have I seen one.  Until now.  It brings forth a warmth in my heart, and a joy in my being to see so many kin and kith gather.  To celebrate the gods.  To celebrate our lives.  To enjoy one another's company in peace.  I am honored to have shared this moment with so many.  I only hope that the gods keep us in their favor, that we all shall see another Thing like this as joyous and as harmonious.  Not only do we remember those we have loved and lost, and pray that Valhalla is where they are reunited.  But we have created bonds much more stronger than the Northern winds on a cold winter's night.  And those of the North, know exactly how wicked those winds can be." she'd chuckle before adding, "HAIL TORVALDSLAND! HAIL OUR GODS!  HAIL OUR KIN AND  KITH!  OUR STRENGTH COMES FROM OUR ANCESTORS AND WITH SUCH STRENGTH WE WILL CONTINUE TO GROW!"  She would then drink from the horn, once more offering softly whispered prayers before horn would be returned to Eirikr.

Wyn: "Hail the Gods who look upon us!"

Eiríkr had taken the horn back, in agreement with words, and walked about them, "Anyone else?" He asked, openly offering it still amongst them.

Tjara af Odinnskeld raises her hand restrained

Eiríkr then approached Tjara, held the horn to her twice handed, and bent slightly towards her, offering

Ha Stuer nodded to the words of Baene  steel forged in Valhalla  and made at pace to his camp to pack then to the serpent " take a care awe 

Tjara af Odinnskeld take the horn and then she looks to the others. she deeply takes a breath, before she speaks "I would like to thank Tyr and Forseti that they have protected us and the Thing. I would like to thank all warriors, to all women and slave whom this Thing have made so unique with her faith in the good. The good may always live in her hearts. " She drinks a small gulp and hands back the horn.

Drago Thorvald llooks upon all the Sons and Daughters of the Axe. Tilts his head back gulping down the last of His mead, with it spilling into his thick beard...... " Hail Odin, Hail Thor, Hail the North winds!.... I Say Hail to those that made our drink!  I say Hail to those that made our food! I say Hail to those that could not make it. But stayed home to guard what is ours.  But  I don't say Hail to who ever brought the southerns here to dance.   For I say Hail to the North winds for our Bonds are the best dancers!"... He yells loudly

Baene Thorrstad af Odinnskeld: "Hail Tyr the One-Handed!"

Eiríkr nodded to Tjara, grasping horn back, He walked amongst them, offering it still if any one else hand words of Hail to speak.

Catrine SRM af Odinnskeld 's throat closes as fluid emotion washes over her, the inability to speak due to the sheer magnitude of such an event filled her with great humility and appreciation for the many within this land she has come to adore, as each take their turn with the horn she listens attentively... the gravity of what she felt claiming the use of her tongue, her heart near bursting with pride she were part and her eyes filling with tears of remembrance

Eiríkr then took a moment to turn to the fire, he would now pause for his own words.

Eiríkr would be slightly OOC as well as IC.  "I have seen these days past the culmination of community, family, friends, Kith and Kin.  I have seen what it truly means in the terms that it means to be a Torvaldslander.  The Old Ways are a focus upon these tried and true tenants, and they are long standing, and eons old.  Man is built upon this, and it has been seen across all of you. This Thing, this assembly, is one to be proud of, and one to look back upon, and look for too.  We are the ones who remember the hearth-fires that long have been cold, the kings of the land, who with generous hand gave forth treasures of silver and gold; the heroes most mighty, most eager for fame, who stood on the field when the battle-day came, who fought for their folk and who slew and were slain -- and we are the ones who remember. . . Hagl Óðinn, Hagl Þorr, Hagl Þorvaldlanðid, Hagl Norður!!" He's say, and long healthy drink and then parting lips from the Mighty Horn of the Thing, he poured the contents to the fire.

Wyn: "Hail Odin! Hail Thor! Hail Torvaldsland!"

Baene Thorrstad af Odinnskeld: "Hail the Old Ways! Hail Torvaldsland!"


şĸυℓd Avitus: "Hail Odin! Hail Torvaldsland!"

Eolhsand Frey "Hail Odin! Hail Thor! Haol Torvaldsland! Hail the Old Ways!"

Wyn turns and heads to the temple to close it up until again the people returned to these lands.

Eiríkr nodded, flicking the Horn to let the fire consume the last drop, "This Sumbel is Ended, May you all have full winds in your sails, and safe passage to your Halls, and Lands, Farms and Hands to await you."

Baene Thorrstad af Odinnskeld nods to Eirikr, "May you all go with Torvaldsland in your hearts and minds"

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